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About Tucson Hebrew Academy

Tucson Hebrew Academy develops students who are highly skilled, creative and critical thinkers with a spirited love for learning. High expectations of students, staff, and faculty are fundamental to our philosophy and approach. We strive to ensure our graduates are prepared to excel in Tucson most challenging high schools and universities.

The learning process at Tucson Hebrew Academy is charged with the spirit of discovery. THA is a place of hands-on, interactive learning, where the classroom is organized around students actively engaged. We view children as having curious minds to respect and develop. Our students often collaborate in small groups on projects, empowered as learners and thinkers.  Teachers encourage them by acting as coaches and guides. Faculty members move among hubs of children, purposefully discussing an assignment or cooperatively problem-solving. The atmosphere in the classroom encourages self-assured self-expression and develops respect for diverse points of view. Teachers often use the Socratic method. As students become fully engaged learners, they come to enjoy testing their minds against the new challenges of the academic program.

The Academy creates a total learning environment. Exploration and discovery, assimilation of knowledge, the search for meaning in every subject, and mastery of skills characterize the educational experience. A low student/teacher ratio allows faculty members to manage this style of instruction, based on the most up-to-date cognitive research.

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