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Head of School - To Do List

Learning Environment:

  • Write/rewrite curricular in Secular and Judaic Studies
  • Increase rigor in academics
  • Implement Challenge Based Learning
  • Increase Differentiated Learning in all the classrooms (part of CBL)
  • Blended Learning (part of CBL)
  • Implement Tal Am
  • Increase awareness of Jewish Values and the Jewish Canon

Physical Plant and Safety:

  • Additional Storage space
  • Renovated the playground area
  • Conduct a security audit


  • Identify future challenges
  • Board members become more visible on campus


  • Target specific markets in the community
  • Engage grandparents
  • Conduct family Judaic events by grade
  • Invite prospects to Shabbat lunches

School Leadership:

  • Develop a professional development plan
  • Create a process of a communication plan with the administration

School and Community:

  • Become more proactive in managing social and emotional needs of our students with Jewish values
  • Create more cultural fieldtrips
  • Develop an anti-bullying plan
  • Create a database of parent skills
  • Build the endowment to $2M
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