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Mishloach Manot

Purim 5779 Mishloach Manot Fundraiser 

"The Jews celebrated days of feasting and merry-making, of sending food packages from neighbor to neighbor and giving gifts to the poor." (Esther 9:19)

Bag Options


If you prefer, please consider donating an amount of your choosing to raise funds for PTSO

 Dear THA Community, 

The holiday of Purim 5779 is coming up quickly on March 21, 2019! One of the practices of Purim is to send gifts of food called mishloach manot. PTSO is making it easy to do this mitzvah and support our school at the same time.

The mitzvah of giving mishloach manot emphasizes the importance of friendship and community by sending gifts of food to community members.  We are hoping all families will participate this year!

The Tucson Hebrew Academy PTSO would like to invite you to participate in this very special Purim Mitzvah by contributing to the purchase of mishloach manot bags for each child, faculty, and staff member at THA.  Your contribution will provide funds to give bags to the THA community and raise extra funds for PTSO.

  • $18 = 3 bags
  • $36 = 12 bags
  • $72 = bags for your child’s whole class
  • $108 = bags for the whole school

You can contribute online at links above or put a check payable to PTSO in the box in the THA office. All contributions must be received by Monday, March 18 to be recognized to the community.

Giving Mishloach Manot to families and staff members at THA is a yearly tradition. PTSO counts on your participation to raise funds for:  Back to School party, Teacher Appreciation Week, Grants for Teachers and annual school gift.

Thank you for your support in any amount that works for your family!

If you are interested in helping to put the bags together on Tuesday, March 19 at 3:30pm, please email

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