Why Tucson Hebrew Academy?

THA combines a challenging academic environment with the values and love of Jewish life. We develop life-long learners who have the 21st-century skills necessary to navigate the ever-changing world.

First day of 2019-2020 School Year

First day of 2019-2020 School Year

Challenge Based Learning

Integrating hands-on learning and developing problem-solving skills are an integral components of our educational philosophy. We believe that when students apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems, it allows them to learn to think critically, adapt, and develop grit in order to make breakthroughs and achieve success.

Small Class Size

Research shows that there are many benefits to small class sizes. Having small class sizes allows for:

  • Teachers to have more opportunities to have one-on-one time with each student, allowing them to provide meaningful learning experiences.

  • Teachers provide an environment where students feel safe and empowered. Students develop a sense of independence and feel empowered.

Personalized Learning

We recognize each student’s strengths and interests to create a differentiated learning experience for our students. Our approach to developing lessons includes varying the levels of complexity in the content, process, and products to ensure that we are meeting our students at their level and challenging them at an appropriate level.


It takes a village to raise a child, and here at THA, we provide the foundation for that village. Teachers regularly communicate with parents and families about student progress, because we recognize that we are working together as a team to provide what is best for each of our students. As an integral part of the THA community, parents are provided many opportunities to be involved with the school.

Jewish Life and Learning

Students are encouraged to explore their own connections to Jewish traditions, culture, and community. Learning about Jewish history, Bible, holidays, providing authentic opportunities for community service and leadership, and Hebrew allow our students to develop that meaningful connections so that it is an ever-present factor in their lives. THA prides itself on its inclusive community. We celebrate the diversity of the Jewish people by creating a welcoming and accepting environment that is centered around our school’s Core Values.

Impacting the World

When students graduate from 8th grade, they begin their journey to high school, college, and beyond. THA alumni are accepted at the most competitive high schools, perform well in demanding AP classes, are accepted to and earn merit scholarships to colleges and universities around the country, and many have pursued challenging and meaningful careers.