Mission Statement

The Tucson Hebrew Academy is our community Jewish Day School, providing exemplary education through stimulating, rigorous academics, inspired Jewish values, and an engaged, supportive community.

Students from diverse Jewish backgrounds are welcomed and embraced at THA. Our school culture is based on common Jewish values that are endorsed by all denominations, seeking to strengthen our ties to each other. We build up our students’ Jewish identities through the teaching of Jewish thought, culture, and ritual and encourage them to find meaningful ways to bring Judaism into their everyday life.

THA’s approach of Challenge Based Learning and the teaching of Jewish values guides our students into becoming analytical thinkers. The students are encouraged to approach learning through questioning, examining, and exploring. THA guides the development of a unique skill set that allows them to become critical thinkers and life-long learners who are dedicated to Tikkun Olam, equipped to make their mark in their communities, in their workplace, and in the world.

At Tucson Hebrew Academy, our approach is dictated by the following Core Values:

Shabbat Shalom Kinder.jpg

Children ילדים

We love our students and are committed to their growth and success. Developmentally appropriate, research-based teaching strategies and curricula are fundamentals to our challenge-based approach. We nurture our students so that they become independent thinkers who learn to navigate the ever-changing world with respect to themselves and others. We educate the whole child at THA, balancing a rigorous academic program with Jewish values and experiences in the fine and performing arts, PE, technology, and more.

Commitment to Excellence מחויבות למצוינות

High expectations of students, staff, and faculty are fundamental to our philosophy and approach. We strive to ensure our graduates are prepared to excel in Tucson’s most challenging high schools and beyond.

Community קהילה

We are a strong, warm, and welcoming community. We ensure that all members of our school family are embraced and have a home at THA. Parent involvement is a hallmark of THA. Partnerships with local Jewish organizations and synagogues, and the greater Tucson community, are critical components of our program.

Living Judaism יהדות חיה

Through study, prayer, Hebrew, and celebrations of our traditions and heritage, the joy and pride of living Judaism thrives here. Our students obtain a strong moral compass, deep understanding of their roots, and the knowledge and inspiration for living a Jewish life and contributing to Jewish civilization.

Supporting Israel תמיכה בישראל

We support and help develop an understanding of Israel, as well as foster close relationships with Israeli students and educators.

Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם

Healing the world is a central tenet of our belief system. Through a range of strategies including service-learning opportunities at school and in the community, our students both understand and enact this essential value of making the world a better place.