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Annatude: Positivity

Annatude: Positivity 

Annatude is THA’s unique social/emotional learning (SEL) program designed to help students learn to manage emotions, conflict resolution, and set and achieve personal goals as they grow. Think of Annatude as character development through mindfulness practice and the cultivation of moral traits. 

This program was named in honor of THA alumnus, Anna Greenberg (March 7, 1985 - May 28, 2013).  During a tumultuous battle with cancer and chemo, she exemplified positivity that friends and family called “Annatude.” After her passing, Rabbi Billy created a list of values by which Anna lived her life and that are now passed forward throughout the year via monthly assemblies and classroom activities. Anna’s spirit and example continues to shine once through each THA student as they learn and live these ten Annatude values: 

•    Love

•    Joy

•    Health

•    Teamwork

•    Positivity

•    Kindness

•    Gratitude

•    Compassion

•    Torah

•    Faith 

Many teaching techniques are implemented to make students aware of how these values contribute to everyday life. Students explore, plan, and reach goals that will ultimately make them better learners and menches – ethical persons who do the right thing when a moral dilemma or decision presents itself. 

The 2018-19 school year began with the Jewish month of Elul, the twelfth month in the Jewish calendar, and the concept of Chiyuviyut, or Positivity. Students celebrated Elul by tracing their bodies and created collages demonstrating how they can make use of different parts of their body to spread positivity throughout the world. Here are some photos to illustrate the energy that takes place in our Annatude sessions! 

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