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Through study, prayer, and celebrations of our traditions and heritage, the joy and pride of living Judaism thrive here. Our students obtain a strong moral compass, deep understanding of their roots, and the knowledge and inspiration for living a Jewish life and contributing to Jewish civilization.
  • Lower School students casting away their sins to bring in the Jewish New Year.
  • Rabbi Billy teaches the students in the Sukkah with the lulav and etrog.
Judaics Jewish values are explored, examined and debated. Ritual, belief, and practice are expanded by a deeper study of customs and laws. Age-appropriate experiences, topics and curricula develop a robust body of knowledge on how to live a Jewish life and grapple with the big questions facing humanity. Students apply their ability to reason and think critically as they grow their understanding of the moral and ethical rationale behind Jewish tradition and practice. A more traditional, text-based approach is also offered as an option to the more “mainstream” Judaics content. Students graduate our program knowing the importance of making the world a better place, and confident in their ability to do so. Israel education and partnership with Israeli students continues, culminating in the experience of a lifetime, the 8th grade trip to Israel!

Hebrew Language Students continue to build on (or for new students, begin to learn) their knowledge of modern Hebrew in four key areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. A blended approach uses a combination of online and classroom learning. Students are supported in both developmentally appropriate and ability-based instruction as they strive towards mastery of the mother tongue.

Comparative Judaism As a community day school our unique experiential program provides an exploration of the major movements in Judaism. Students learn the philosophy, history, and ritual of each movement in Judaism, which they apply during holidays and prayer. A comparative Judaism/Tefillah (prayer) program for grades six through eight introduces children to the richness and complexity of prayer throughout the Jewish community. Students experience the ritual and custom of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform movements, developing an appreciation and understanding of the many ways Judaism is celebrated. K'lal Yisrael becomes a real part of their life, philosophy, history, and practice.

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