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High expectations of students, staff, and faculty are fundamental to our philosophy and approach. We strive to ensure our graduates are prepared to excel in Tucson’s most challenging high schools.




Tucson Hebrew Academy's science, technology, engineering, and math curricula provide students with a hands-on approach to their learning, beneficial to their futures regardless of career choices. Our students are guided by the spirit of discovery and excitement by professionals who excel in their industry. 

Science Students in fifth grade begin the Upper School program with a look at a very topical subject for this grade: the human body. Students at this stage develop laboratory skills through work in microscopy and hands-on dissections including brains, eyes, hearts, and more. As students move on to 6th grade, they develop an appreciation for the diversity of living things here on our planet and what they require for life and the anatomical and physiological systems that keep us alive. Seventh graders investigate living organisms on a smaller level by looking at their composition at both a cellular and a molecular level. Students study high-school level chemistry and relate it to living processes such as photosynthesis, DNA replication, protein synthesis, and cellular respiration. These are just some of the exciting curricular offerings in our US science program!

Technology We understand the importance of student mastery of technology in our ever-changing society. Tucson Hebrew Academy ensures that all of our students are digitally literate, which includes instruction on internet safety and social media best practices. Students become researchers, explorers, and innovators using a suite of devices, from the traditional desktop to laptops, smartphones, iPads and more.

Lower School students are taught how to responsibly navigate the internet for research, use digital Smartboards in classrooms, and produce videos for choir and art. Lower and Upper School students expand their global awareness through digital pen-palling with video and text-based chat, conversation and shared experiences with Israeli students in corresponding grades. 

Upper School students participate in a 1:1 device program. Google Chrome Books are our mainstay as students master the use of the internet, using of shared and private documents, online study and note taking, communication, research, and creating of a range of products, from a research paper to video blogs, reports, music videos and production, and beyond. THA participates in Google Classroom which allows the students to seamlessly collaborate, streamline communications, and increase student productivity and organization.

Engineering In 8th grade, students look at more abstract and theoretical scientific concepts by studying physics. Studies of energy, light, and motion lead students into their final semester which includes engineering, technology, and design. Students begin by learning the engineering process and designing and building robots to handle given tasks. Students put their scientific knowledge to the test by brainstorming solutions to real-world issues such as global warming, pollution, and alternative fuels.

Math  Our goal is to create students who are confident, challenged, excited, who understand underlying mathematical concepts and apply their problem-solving skills to real-world applications. Students learn pre-algebra through advanced algebra and geometry, probability and statistics, and how to use technology to complement their findings. We encourage our students to present their methods of problem-solving, justify their reasoning, and formulate questions to gain insight into their thinking. Students participate in regional math competitions, math club and other opportunities to enrich and extend their math experiences. 

THA is a place where cherished Jewish traditions interface with today's modern world. A  measured approach ensures that our shared values and critical thinking are part and parcel of using technology, science, engineering and math in the 21st Century.

THA 8th Grade Students Explore Their Creativity Through Video and Music Production
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