Supporting THA

Dear Families, Friends, and Supporters,

Welcome! Bruchim Ha’baim!

It has been 45 years of continued nurturing of Jewish values and Jewish life in generations of students. The work that we do each and every year is possible because of the support of our community.

The Development office facilitates all major fundraising efforts for Tucson Hebrew Academy. Our partnership with parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, and community friends is what enables Tucson Hebrew Academy to provide exemplary education through stimulating, rigorous academics, inspired Jewish values, and an engaged, supportive community.

It starts with YOU!

  • Because of YOU, our children learn what it means to build and sustain a Jewish future.

  • Because of YOU, our children learn the tools to make a difference in the world by being informed learners, active listeners, passionate volunteers and leaders.

  • Because of YOU, our kids are part of a community that will continue to serve them long after they have graduated.

Thank YOU for believing in THA’s mission and for helping move it forward. Your incredible partnership and continued support helps us make THA better every day.

Sha’ron Wolfin Eden

Director of Advancement