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THA - 1st Place in Logic Test at UHS

The University High School Math Club, in conjunction with, invited THA to attend the fifth annual Southern Arizona Middle School Math Championships. The competition took place on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at Rincon/University High School. Over 200 schools from across Southern Arizona were invited. It was an exciting event that provided opportunities for students to have fun and show off their math skills! Students competed on four different tests: The Sprint Round consisted of 30 questions in 40 minutes (no calculators); The Target Round consisted of 4 sets of two questions - six minutes for each pair (calculators allowed); The Team Round featured four team members working together to solve 10 problems in 20 minutes (calculators allowed); and the Logic Test where students could test their thinking skills. 

000-P1050016.jpgMr. Mata-Betancourt took 8 students, Sam, Elana, Levi, Breanna, Gabe, Eliana, Shira, and Ben to UHS to participate in the Middle School Math Competition. sponsors a number of middle school contests that are held throughout the school year. The contests are structured in such a way that students will find the tests good preparation for the MATHCOUNTS chapter and state competitions to be held in the spring. 


Top-scoring students at qualifying meets held throughout the year will be invited to compete at the (INTER)2 SECT contest in March. Our lovely students did brilliant work at UHS. The team formed by Sam, Elana, Levi, and Breanna earned First Place on the Logic Test!

Furthermore, Ben won Second Place, and Levi Seventh Place among all the 7th graders that participate in the competition. Likewise, Eliana T. got the Ninth Place among all the 8th graders and overall Middle School Championship.  

Our students were very worthy ambassadors of our school and performed very well in the MS Math Championship at UHS! Congratulations to our students!

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